Shadows in the mirror

Hannibal. Connecting people.

Haven’t seen any piece of Hannibal’s cosplay but was thinking about since the beginning of the 1st season. And today suddenly was asked:

- What about cosplaying Abigail?

- Yeah! And we should impale her on some antlers. We’ll take great photos!

- Just one problem. She’ll become a lil bit dead.

- Oh… Damn it! It was such an idea!

English is not my native language.

So everytime I type something wrong or use the wrong word or the wrong tempus or grammar etc. I always get paranoid that someone who has english as their native language, will read what I wrote and spot all the mistakes I made and think, “Is she stupid or something?” or “Daamn, her english is horrible, I am never going to speak to her”.

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Bee Gees

—Stayin' Alive


^ Please load the picture if you don’t see it!!! :D

She did it!

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Just have finished season 1 just in time

Overwhelmed and exhausted at the same time.

One day to season 2 my poor nerves


why is everyone in the hannibal fandom so good at drawing and im here like


Being not an artist I rarely even think of drawing something fandom like. But Hannibal stands out. As usual.

banshee-graham-tao, It’s all your fault lol I can’t stop imagine some scenes in your drawing style.

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It’s a story of how I met Hannibal

It seemed half the people around me were waiting for the second season (the others just didn’t know about it), but I didn’t have the right mood to watch. Until one evening of not really good day.

I was sitting with a cup of tea, staring at the screen and suddenly thought, okey, why not try Hannibal?

And then I forgot how to breathe. Cause WillHannibalAlanaWilleveryoneWiiiiill! I still had 12 more episodes, but all I could think about - thank God I don’t have to wait for 8 month for the next season!

Fannibals! They have to set up a monument to your strength & patience!